Booking Info

Mike Thibodeaux is available to preach, teach, and/or lead worship for a love offering or a donation to Simplicity Ministries®.

Simplicity Ministries® asks churches or organizations to cover the expenses to bring Mike Thibodeaux to minister with them.  These expenses may include travel (cost of airfare or cost of driving – current government suggested rate of .655 cents per mile), meals, lodging, etc.)

Simplicity Ministries® also asks churches or organizations to prayerfully give an additional love gift to Simplicity Ministries® above said expenses for the ongoing work of the ministry.

Checks should be made payable to Simplicity Ministries® and given to Mike Thibodeaux before leaving the ministry event or mailed directly to Simplicity Ministries® within a week of the event.  Simplicity Ministries® is a 501c3 non-profit corporation.

If you would like Mike Thibodeaux to speak or lead worship at your event please click the booking form link to the right.  He can also be reached by calling 971-219-6964.