Simple Evangelism
Biblical Training for Missional Living

Imagine a church full of believers who cannot stop talking about what they have seen and heard about Jesus!  This was the reality of the followers of Jesus in the first century.  They had been with Jesus and were empowered by the Holy Spirit, an empowerment that manifested itself in the courageous proclamation of Jesus Christ and the fulfilling of the mission given them by Christ.  Simple Evangelism is biblical training for missional living.  It’s about learning to have and maintain biblically healthy relationships:  with God, with believers, and with non-believers.  Simple Evangelism is about reclaiming that first century reality, today.

Conference and Follow-up Curriculum

Simple Evangelism is taught through discipleship.  Through a six session conference, followed by the 14 week Simple Evangelism Bible Study Curriculum for youth and adults, participants are equipped and empowered by the Holy Spirit to live simply and purely devoted to Christ:  “no longer living for themselves, but for Christ who died and rose again on our behalf” (2 Corinthians 5:15).  Included in the curriculum are seven weeks of interactive Bible studies which alternate with seven weeks of accountability, discussion, and prayer guides providing an in-depth follow-up to the conference.

Key Elements

Through a study of the opening chapters of the book of Acts and selected passages of the Apostles’ teaching in the New Testament, participants learn:

  • Three key relationships of missional living.
  • Five characteristics of a witness who has been with Jesus.
  • Four disciplines to which the first century Christians passionately devoted themselves.
  • Ten steps that help believers connect with nonbelievers.
  • Five points of contact with non-believers:
    • Where they live – Neighborhood
    • Where they work – Job or school
    • Where they play – Interests and meals
    • Where they buy – Marketplace
    • Where they gather – Community
  • The importance of listening to a lost person’s story and then how to share their own story, outlining the work of the Holy Spirit as stated in John 16:8.
  • The functions of God’s moral law and how to use the law to lead the lost to the grace of Jesus Christ.
  • How to walk through key passages in the Bible to proclaim the Gospel.

Lifestyle not Program

The lifestyle of Simple Evangelism is one of simple and pure devotion to Christ.  It is a call to love people outside of the Kingdom of Christ just like Jesus did.  It is a call to pray for them, to relate to them, to spend time with them, to listen to them, to eat with them, to love them, to serve them, to teach them about Jesus, and to lovingly explain to them that there are only two possible outcomes for humanity as a result of sin:  the wrath of God or the mercy of God.

Simple Evangelism is not focused on learning a particular method of presenting the Gospel, but rather on developing biblically healthy relationships.  Its foundational focus is upon being with Jesus and being empowered by the Holy Spirit to be His witnesses to those in our world of influence.  It is about greater awareness of those around us who are without Christ, greater intentionality to relate to them, and greater faith in God to empower us to warn the lost of the eternal consequence of sin and the amazing grace and mercy offered in Christ Jesus.

Simple Evangelism leads believers to make the most of every opportunity with those whom God has placed in their world of influence, as well as to expand their influence for Christ into new relationships. Individuals begin to understand that evangelism is a missional lifestyle – that seeking the lost is the heart of God and should be the heart of every person in His Kingdom.

What People are Saying about Simple Evangelism

Senior Pastor, Mel Tittle, of Open Door Baptist Church in Troutdale, OR
“The presentation was dynamic, the content substantive and the impact spiritual. In my opinion the Simple Evangelism concept . . . is the closest to the biblical pattern that I have seen in 35 years of pastoring. It is truly a spiritual lifestyle concept and not just another program. I have used many evangelism programs and methods, but this was the most biblical and exactly what we needed. I believe the Holy Spirit will use Simple Evangelism to make us a more outreach oriented congregation in our every day lives where we cross paths with others. Thank you again for your ministry . . . it was a breath of spiritual fresh air!” 

Pastor Don Reeves, Grant Avenue Baptist, Corvallis, OR
“We invited Mike Thibodeaux to share Simple Evangelism the first two Sundays of the year, using both of our morning worship services and canceling Sunday School for youth and adults. Mike superbly presented the material in four powerful sermons touching our hearts, challenging our commitment to personal evangelism, and leaving our people excited to live out the Great Commission. One lady called Monday asking for an appointment. She came and shared the deliberate steps she was taking to interact with more lost people so she could begin sharing Christ with them. It was exactly what we wanted. Some of our folks expected just another evangelism program; instead  Mike challenged and equipped us for a life changing commitment to share Christ.”

Robert Vanlandingham, Dallas, OR
“That was awesome! Simple Evangelism was exactly what our church body needed… to remind us that evangelism is not a church program but a lifestyle we are called to be living. God communicated through Mike in a way that people of all ages in our congregation were engaged, convicted and recommitted to taking the gospel to our worlds. Our prayer is that God continues to work through our S.E.A.D.S. small groups and the material Mike provided… to keep our eyes focused on being the Church God intends us to be. Thank You!”

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