Men of Simplicity
Discipling Men

Reaching and equipping men to be simply and purely devoted to Christ is strategic.  It is the key to the restoration of the family, the revival of the church, and reaching communities and the nations with the Gospel of Christ.

When you reach and equip men, you are reaching and equipping divinely appointed leaders yielding a multiplied return in the home, the church, and the community.  Men are an increasingly unreached demographic in most communities.

Mike’s growing passion for reaching and equipping men led to the beginning of a weekly men’s group called Men of Simplicity (MOS) in July 2009 and developing conferences for men which includ at least four teaching sessions with accompanying small group discussion guides.  Learn more about booking Mike to speak at your next men’s event.

MOS Details

Vision Meeting:  August 26, 2019 at 6:45pm at First Baptist Gresham and online via Zoom for MOS Connect groups. Print the MOS Gresham Vision 2019-2020 Doc.

Goal: Biblical manhood – men leading and living simply and purely devoted to Christ (2 Cor. 11:3), no longer living for themselves but for Christ who died and rose again on their behalf (2 Cor. 5:15).

Vision Impact: Psalm 78:3-8 What we have heard and learned– that which our ancestors have told us– 4 we will not hide from their descendants. We will tell the next generation about the LORD’s praiseworthy acts, about his strength and the amazing things he has done. 5 He established a rule in Jacob; he set up a law in Israel. He commanded our ancestors to make his deeds known to their descendants, 6 so that the next generation, children yet to be born, might know about them. They will grow up and tell their descendants about them. 7 Then they will place their confidence in God. They will not forget the works of God, and they will obey his commands. 8 Then they will not be like their ancestors, who were a stubborn and rebellious generation, a generation that was not committed and faithful to God.

Meeting Formats: MOS meet weekly.  There are two main formats for our meetings: a teaching week followed by a discussion week.

  • Teaching Week Format: The first 15 minutes is an informal time of fellowship and connecting with other men in the group (a light snack to be provided by a different man each week). Following this time, we move directly into our teaching time from God’s Word.  After the Bible teaching, the men huddle up into two groups for a brief 10-15 minute debriefing. Each man answers the question: “What is the most significant thing the Lord has shown you tonight?”  The session ends with a closing prayer.
  • Discussion Week Format: The first 15 minutes is an informal time of fellowship and connecting with other men in the group (a light snack to be provided by a different man each week). Following this time, we move into an accountability time in small groups (of three to four men) for about 15 minutes. This time focuses on three key questions: 1. Have you been with Jesus? (relationship with God) 2. Have you been with believers? (relationship with family and the body of Christ) 3. Have you been with the lost? (relationship with the unsaved)  After our accountability time, the men move into one of two discussion groups where they respond to questions regarding both the content and the application of the previous week’s Bible teaching. This discussion time lasts about 30 minutes. The remaining 30-45 minutes is spent in a unique directed prayer time.

Commitment: Men are asked to make a commitment to be actively involved.  We understand that 100% attendance is not possible or likely for any man. Sickness, unavoidable work issues, and family matters may hinder our attendance occasionally. Actively involved allows for one to two absences per term.  We ask each man to make this commitment to God, their family, and to the other MOS brothers.  This commitment is intended to help foster spiritual growth, excellent group dynamics, and a true brotherhood. When a man is out, it does affect the other men in the group.

At the end of the 1st and 2nd term, MOS members are asked to evaluate their experience and decide if they will make a commitment to be actively involved in the next term.

MOS is a full three year journey.

  • MOS I lays the foundation of what it means for men to live simply and purely devoted to Christ.
  • MOS II is a study of Simple Evangelism examining men’s leadership responsibility in the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ followed by a detailed study of apologetics.
  • MOS III examines a man’s freedom in Christ to walk in newness of life and running well and finishing the race followed by a study of Ezekiel to understand a man’s leadership role as a watchman.
Join MOS Connect

Your church can join this brotherhood of men and become part of the discipleship journey by connecting with the Gresham, OR MOS group where Mike Thibodeaux leads and teaches live on Monday night’s at 6:45pm – 8:15pm via a Zoom Video Conference call.  Session listening guide, discussion questions, and prayer guides are provided by Simplicity Ministries® for each session to churches that commit to participate.  Check out the 2019-2020 MOS Discipleship Teaching Plan

If you are interested in MOS or MOS Connect, contact us.

Current & Past MOS Projects in the NW

2009-Present – Gresham MOS, Mondays at 6:45pm – 8:15pm hosted at First Baptist Church, Gresham, OR.

2017-Present – MOS Connect, Mondays at 6:45pm-8:15pm via Zoom Video Conference Call with Gresham MOS

  • North Addison Baptist Church, Spokane, WA, September 2017-present
  • Driscoll Baptist Church, Spokane, WA, September 2018-present

2017-Present – Open Door Baptist Church, Troutdale, OR, Sundays at 5:45pm – 7:00pm.

2018- April 2019 – MOS Connect, Church Plant Salmon Creek, WA

2016-2018 – Lake Bible Church, Lake Oswego, OR (Concluded in May 2018)

2015-2017 – Wenatchee, WA MOS

  • Eastmont Baptist Church, Wenatchee, WA
  • Wenatchee Valley Baptist, East Wenatchee, WA
  • Evergreen Baptist, Cashmere, WA

2015-2017 – Coulee Baptist Association MOS

  • Emmanuel Baptist Church, Moses Lake,  WA
  • Quincy Baptist Church, Quincy, WA
  • First Baptist Church, Warden, WA
  • Moses Lake Worship Center, Moses Lake, WA
  • Presbyterian, Moses Lake, WA
  • Redeeming Grace Baptist Church, Soap Lake, WA